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Seaweed antioxidants protect fish too

A new study suggests that feeding fish small amounts of antioxidant-rich seaweed can protected them from environmental challenges.

Inside Oceanbites: Why Do Scientists Blog?

On this International Webloggers’ Day, we decided to turn our focus to the scientist-writers who make Oceanbites possible. Since I created Oceanbites.org in September 2013, I have been so impressed by the enthusiasm of graduate students all over the world who have contributed to the site. Below, I interview a handful of them about their thoughts […]

Las tortugas tornan el intercambio de calor al revez

Translated by Sandra Schleier — Original Post by BRITTNEY G. BOROWIEC Artículo: Davenport, J., Jones, T.T., Work, T.M., and Balazs, G.H. (2015). Topsy-turvy: turning the counter-current heat exchange of leatherback turtles upside down. Biology Letters. 11: 20150592. doi: 10.1098/rsbl.2015.0592. El control de la temperatura corporal es esencial para la maquinaria compleja y biológica de un organismo. Un animal debe manejar la […]

Turtles turn heat exchange topsy-turvy

Counter-current heat exchange is a classic example of an elegant anatomical solution to this physiological problem. Leatherback sea turtles do things just a little bit different.

Oxygen favours the bold

It takes personality for the African sharptooth catfishes to breathe air. But they also consider their surroundings before visiting the surface. Photo: Wikimedia.

Icefish can’t keep their cool in warm water

The Antarctic climate is changing, and the increasing temperature is wreaking havoc on the physiology of endemic species. Will icefish, the Southern Ocean’s most abundant group of fishes, be able to cope with the metabolic consequence of life in warm water?

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