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Seafood Magic: Including Fishermen in Fishery Management Policy

Seafood don’t just appear in restaurants, markets, or our bellies by magic. There are hard-working, dedicated fishermen* behind the must-have foodie experiences of delectable seafood. So where are fishermen in fisheries management policy? Rishya NarayananRishya is pursuing an M.S. in Environmental Science Communications and Media Advocacy at Northeastern University and has a B.A. in Psychology […]

Written in bone: what ancient Pacific Cod can tell us about sea level rise and mercury

Through biogeochemical analysis, researchers found that mercury levels in ancient Pacific Cod bones peaked at a time of deglaciation and sea level rise. Read more about the study, and what it may tell us about future climate change. Megan ChenI graduated with a Masters of Coastal & Marine Management from the University of Akureyri in […]

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