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Menacing microplastics hamper hermit crab choices

How can little bits of plastic in the ocean impact a hermit crab’s ability to make decisions? Microplastics can be found from the deep sea to the coasts and they can affect everything from animal health to cognition. Julia ZehI am a second-year PhD student at Syracuse University studying marine mammal communication. My research focuses […]

Can’t we all just get along! Bridging the gap between climate scientists and decision-makers to help prevent precipitation-related catastrophes

Climate scientists and humanitarian organizations are implementing a plan to help predict major precipitation-related disasters, such as floods, by focusing on developing an early warning system for extreme events, rather than seasonal averages, in a reader-friendly language for decision-makers. Kari St.LaurentI received a Ph.D. in oceanography in 2014 from the Graduate School of Oceanography (URI) […]

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