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Do heavy metals like mercury and arsenic impact the health of great white sharks?

Great white sharks are at the top of the food web and therefore build up large amounts of toxins like heavy metals in their systems. But does this impact their overall health? Find out in the most recent Sharkbites Saturday post! Carolyn WheelerI am currently a PhD student studying marine science at the University of […]

Heavy Metal Presence in Fish from Fresh and Coastal Waters of Ghana

Heavy metal: it’s not just an intense genre of rock music, but also an element high in density that can be incredibly toxic to humans at concentrated levels. While marine life faces many threats, an increasingly severe force has been the addition and accumulation of heavy metals in both coastal and freshwater environments. Francis Gbogbo […]

Hired Mussels: Mussel Farming to Clean Up Excess Nutrients

Plants need nitrogen and phosphorous to grow, and humans need plants to survive. In our quest to produce more and more food for more and more people, we have released immense amounts of nutrients into aquatic environments. In this study, researchers in Denmark set out to determine whether mussel farming is a cost effective way […]

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