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Stuck on you (for millions of years): Organic matter on oceanic minerals

Organic matter makes up life, and also feeds it! There is a lot of organic matter buried in sediments worldwide, but for some reason it doesn’t all get eaten by starving microbes. Here we look at a study that used cutting edge techniques to examine some of this uneaten organic matter from deep-sea sediments, and […]

Restoring the links between land and sea

On February 2, we celebrated World Wetlands Day. Wetlands, some of the most productive ecosystems on earth, are threatened. Read on to learn how salt marshes, a type of wetland, can be restored after decades of degradation. Katherine BarrettKate is a 3rd year PhD candidate in the Biological Sciences Department at the University of Notre […]

Using nitrogen isotopes to start from the bottom…of the marine food web!

Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are an important nitrogen source in the ocean and the δ15N of amino acids is helpful in figuring out where you stand on the food web. The amino acid δ15N of the bacteria Vibrio harveyi changed depending on the food (C:N ratio and type of nitrogen) used to […]

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