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Are marine mammals susceptible to COVID-19?

Humans aren’t the only ones susceptible to COVID-19 and as the virus continues to spread, concern for wildlife is growing. Julia ZehI am a PhD candidate at Syracuse University studying marine mammal communication. My research focuses on analyzing underwater recordings of whale calls in order to better understand whale behavior. I’m also interested in education, […]

The story behind the story: Understanding how mother whales communicate and the challenges of studying an endangered species

How do North Atlantic right whale moms talk to their calves? A recent paper describes new quiet calls which have only been recorded from mother/calf pairs. But there’s more to the story than just what makes it into the journal article, namely the logistical as well as emotional challenges of studying an endangered species. Julia […]

Fatter Whales Float Better

North Atlantic right whales are giant marine mammals that rely on their blubber to store energy, stay warm, and float. Their blubber thickness is dependent on nutrition and if they are unable to satisfy their nutritional demands then the consequences can influence how efficiently they dive, and, in the long term, may restrict a population’s […]

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