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Snakes On A Boat! How Do Sea Snakes Stay Hydrated During Long Ocean Trips?

Even sea snakes need fresh water hydration! Learn how sea snakes stay hydrated on long trips across the ocean in this recent oceanbites article. R J ParkerHi there! I’m a botanist with a Masters in Environmental Science and Management from Ryerson University. On the sciencey side, I like to write about population-level response to climate […]

Warm water curtails sea snakes’ dives

Like frogs, sea snakes can uptake oxygen through both their lungs and their skin. How will these “bimodal breathers” cope with warm ocean temperatures? Brittney G. BorowiecBrittney is a PhD candidate at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, Canada, and joined Oceanbites in September 2015. Her research focuses on the physiological mechanisms and evolution of the […]

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