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How to catch a dead fish: using eDNA to reconstruct past fish abundances

Japanese researchers show an emerging method, eDNA, can be used to reconstruct fish abundances from up to 300 years ago. Gabrielle StedmanI am currently a 3rd year PhD student in Biological Oceanography at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. I use DNA found in the environment (eDNA), like a forensic scientist, to detect deep-sea animals […]

From the beach to the abyss: A sand grain’s journey at La Réunion Island

The path a grain of sand takes from land to the deep sea is largely made possible by turbidity currents- dense currents of sediment and water traveling rapidly through the ocean. A recent study focused on La Réunion Island, a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, highlights the importance of submarine canyons and turbidity currents […]

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