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Caffeinated Seas: Unique Tracers for Wastewater-borne Contaminants

In the Long Island Sound estuary, researchers are using your coffee byproducts (caffeine, sucralose) to study pharmaceutical contaminants from wastewater treatment facilities. Constance SartorI am a Master’s student at the University of Guam. My current research interests are coral transcriptomics, microbiome characterization, and spatial epidemiology. I am also an artist and enjoy painting conservation-minded murals […]

TBT Old School Ocean Tech: Simple Sampling Gear

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make it all worth it! Well, it may just be me, but I love using the tried and true old school sampling gear, despite all the complex gadgets and gizmos that seem to be developed faster than I can learn about them. In today’s ocean tech post, […]

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