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Climate Change

Join Oceanbites on Twitter for a Climate Chat this Friday!








Update April 2, 2019: This Friday, April 5, we will be continuing our #OBClimateChat to discuss economic solutions to tackling climate change – in other words, changes to our economic infrastructure through policy change. We will be centering this conversation around the Green New Deal – a piece of legislation that aims to respond to climate change systemically.  Join the conversation this Friday, April 5, from 12-1 pm ET (NOTE THE TIME CHANGE)!

Hi all, it’s Nyla. I’m a 4th-year PhD student studying physical oceanography – in particular wind-wave interactions – at URI GSO. I blog here at oceanbites and cover a broad range of topics related to climate change. My goal is to provide context to climate-related events and phenomena, urge awareness of its global impacts, and challenge our attitudes and behaviors that maintain the status quo. You can check out my posts here and my Twitter here.

Lately, I’ve been incredibly inspired by the movement led by youth around the world calling for climate action and climate justice on Twitter (#FridaysForFuture, #ClimateStrike, #YouthClimateStrike, #SchoolsStrike4Climate). We should all be standing in solidarity with Greta Thunberg and all of the striking students around the world; according to global Climate Action Tracker, we are falling far short of what is required to change the future of our climate for many young people alive today. In other words, we need to take action now.

It isn’t sufficient to simply reduce our individual carbon footprint by making personal choices, such as using energy-efficient appliances or installing solar panels. We need to be having conversations with our friends and family about the realities of climate change now – how it already affects us, and disproportionately harms the most vulnerable and oppressed communities in the world. We need to realize the scale of systemic change that is truly needed to respond to a crisis of this kind. While technology like renewable energy is necessary for a carbon-free future, and geoengineering strategies could be worth exploring, innovation alone cannot change the economic infrastructure that dictates our reliance on fossil fuels. Can legislation like the Green New Deal be the type of radical response necessary to prevent the compounding destruction of climate disasters destabilizing our world?

I will be hosting a series of weekly chats on three Friday afternoons starting this spring to discuss the varied and complex realities of climate change, potential solutions, and the call for political action. I will be drawing on oceanbites blog posts, recent scientific research, and the influence of climate activists on Twitter.

This is how it works: an example of an interaction on Twitter during our Oceanbites Climate Chat (#OBClimateChat)

The chats will begin on Friday, March 22, 2019 from 5-6 pm ET, and will continue for the following two weeks.  Participants will be asked questions by @oceanbites, and I will help facilitate conversation via @nylaych using the hashtag #OBClimateChat.

It’s simple. All you have to do is answer posed questions as in  example to the right.

Here are the topics for each week:

week 1: global impacts

week 2: technological solutions

week 3: economic solutions

Want to join? We hope you do! Sign in to Twitter this Friday, April 5 from 12-1 pm ET, and search the hashtag #OBClimateChat. Feel free to jump into the conversation at any time, and don’t forget to like, retweet, and respond to tweets that particularly vibe with you.


See ya there!



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