oceanbites is a sister site of astrobites.org. The goal of oceanbites is to make cutting edge research accessible to all by explaining exciting recent literature in all oceanographic fields in a way that non-experts can understand. Oceanbites will also highlight classic, seminal research papers, and feature  op eds about what it’s like to be a grad student in oceanography and current issues in research.

oceanbites was started at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography. Most of the current contributors are students at GSO or GSO alums, though we absolutely encourage participation from students and post docs at other institutions as well! We are extremely appreciative of the support and enthusiasm we’ve received from everyone at GSO.

All photos used to make the header images and logo seen on the oceanbites web site are available for free from the NOAA Photo Library. Our logo is a drawing of Cololepsis logidens, a deep sea fish, from the 1912 text “From the Surface to the Bottom of the Sea” by H. Bouree.

As an independent graduate student organization, Oceanbites has been hosted and supported by the American Astronomical Society since July, 2017. All of oceanbites’ posts and pages are the specified writer’s own views.



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