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Oceanbites Out Loud has turned into a podcast. We bring the latest news in ocean science straight to you! Our goal is to summarize the most recent scientific articles for your listening pleasure, and talk to up-and-coming ocean scientists who have new and interesting ideas to bring to the table. We hope you enjoy and learn a little something along the way!

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Episode 23: An Interview with Kaitlyn Zerr

Kaitlyn is a MSc student in the Baum Lab at the University of Victoria. She studies the population dynamics of marine megafauna (like sharks and rays) in the Maldives and works in collaboration with Manta Trust. To learn more about their conservation work check out the link here.


Kaitlyln’s Insta: @kaitlynzerr


Manta Trust Insta: @mantatrust



Episode 22: An Interview with Sarah Board

Sarah is the Volunteer and Visitor Centre Coordinator at the Maritime Museum of British Columbia. She uses her passion for Sci-Comm and diverse educational background to encourage both visitors and volunteers to learn more about the ocean.

Check out the links below for volunteer opportunities:





See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-sarah-board/


Kelpisode Episodes 3 and 4: Interviews with Dr. Jordan Bemmels and Talen Rimmer

Jordan is a postdoc in the Owens Lab and works closely with Kelp Rescue. Jordan’s work focuses on the kelp genome (AKA kelp DNA), which lays the foundation for understanding kelp population dynamics and conservation in BC. 

Talen works in the Juanes Lab and his overall research focuses on a variety of topics related to marine conservation. He is also passionate about Sci-Comm and community engagement. Check out his Linked-In and Instagram for an insight on what he’s currently working on. 

Insta: @talen.r 


See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/kelpisode-episode-3-interviews-with-dr-jordan-bemmels-and-talen-runner/


Kelpisode 2: An Interview with Matt Csordas & Brian Timmer

While Matt and Brian focus their research mainly on kelp ecosystems, the Baum Lab deals with a wide variety of marine ecosystems. They partner with many communities and organizations including Kelp Rescue and the Blue Carbon Project.

Connect with them on Twitter: 

Brian Timmer – @Scuba_Timmer

Matt Csordas – @MattCsordas

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/kelpisode-2-matt-csordas-brian-timmer/


Kelpisode Episode 1: An Interview with Lauren Man, Alejandra Mora-Soto & Romina Barbosa

These amazing researchers are part of the Spectral Lab, which focuses on using spectral and remote sensing to monitor large-scale marine ecosystem changes. They partner with many organizations, including Broughton Aquaculture Transition Initiative (BATI) program, Kelp Rescue and Salmon Coast

Connect with them on Twitter (X):

Salmon Coast – @SalmonCoast

Spectral Lab – @uvicspectral

Lauren Man – @laurman34

Romina Barbosa – @RominaBarbosa3

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/kelpisode-episode-1-an-interview-with-lauren-man-alejandra-mora-soto-romina-barbosa/

Episode 17: An Interview with Dr. Alex Moore

Alex is a (relatively) new professor at the University of British Columbia. They generally study food webs, biodiversity and conservation in coastal wetland ecosystems, but have researched a wide variety of topics throughout their career. They also have a passion for equity, inclusion and diversity in STEM. Check out their social media or links below for info on opportunities. 

Twitter: @Dr_AlexM

Dr. Moore’s website

SRMP at American Museum of Natural History 

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-dr-alex-moore/


Episode 16: An Interview with Keelie Taylor

Keelie is a grad student at the University of New Brunswick, but studies red algae from British Columbia. She uses a combination of methods, such as microscopy and genetics, to identify different species of red algae that make up rhodoliths. You can learn more about rhodoliths here.

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-keelie-taylor/


Episode 15: An Interview with Jaime Ojeda

Jaime is a PhD candidate who is working with Dr. Natalie Ban at the University of Victoria. He studies and documents indigenous relationships with nature both in BC (Haida Gwaii) and in Chile (Patagonia) in social and ecological contexts. To view more about his work check out the links below.


Science Article

BioScience Article

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-jaime-ojeda/


Episode 14: An Interview with Dr. Brett Jameson

Brett recently graduated with his doctorate from the University of Victoria and his research focuses on the role of microbes in biogeochemical cycles in marine ecosystems. Brett is currently a postdoctoral researcher working at Arizona State and the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences.

Website: bdjameson.com

Twitter: @bdjameson

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-dr-brett-jameson/


Episode 13: An Interview with Dr. Cindy Lebrasse

Cindy is part of the blue carbon project team with Silvestrum Climate Associates. She is currently based in Mauritius but works on carbon projects all over the world. She was also the author featured in our very first podcast episode! Supplemental links mentioned in the episode are below. 

Google Scholar Profile

Learn more about carbon credits – Klimatx and Verra

Internship opportunities with ORISE

See full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-dr-cindy-lebrasse/


Episode 12: An Interview with Matt Miller

On our latest episode we interview Matt Miller. Matt is a PhD candidate at the University of Victoria in the Dower Lab. He studies marine snails called pteropods (AKA sea butterflies) as a bioindicator for ocean acidification. Matt recently published a new paper and you can read more about his research here

Surfrider Foundation: https://canada.surfrider.org/

Insta: @matt_millr_

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-matt-miller/


Episode 11: An Interview with Rebecca Crawford

For this Oceanbites Out Loud episode we interview Rebecca Crawford. Becca is a Master’s student at the University of Victoria who works in the Varela Lab. She studies phytoplankton dynamics in the Northern Pacific & Arctic. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/becca.crawford.165

Website: https://onlineacademiccommunity.uvic.ca/varelalab/rebecca-crawford/

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-rebecca-crawford/


Episode 10: An Interview with Valeria Contreras

Valeria (they/them) is a Master’s student at the Universitat Politècnica de València in València, Spain. They study the ecology relating to the invasive blue crab, with the goal of improving monitoring for marine ecosystems and implementing sustainable conservation strategies.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/valeria-contreras-casado-80435a251

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-valeria-contreras/


Episode 9: An Interview with Jaclyn Torkelson

We interview oceanbites author and leadership team member Jaclyn Torkelson. Jaclyn has recently defended her PhD at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF). She studies the chemistry of sand on coral reefs by using lipids (like cholesterol) to figure out where it came from.

Twitter: @DesertAndReef

Website: https://jftork.wixsite.com/jaclyn-torkelson

Healthy Ocean Coalition: https://www.healthyoceancoalition.org/

One People One Reef: https://onepeopleonereef.org/

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-jaclyn-torkelson/


Episode 8: An Interview with Alyssa Pietraszek

On this episode, Ashley Mickens interviews Alyssa Pietraszek. Alyssa is a PhD candidate who is studying indicators of sea level rise at the University of Haifa in Israel. Her work focuses on combining geologic, archaeological and historical records to better understand how sea level rise is changing in response to climate change.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alyssa-pietraszek/

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-alyssa-pietraszek/?token=dc08e27930c1662c2b7a9510caa1baa1


Episode 7: An Interview with Dominique Maucieri

In this episode, we interview Dominique Maucieri, a PhD student in the Bates Lab at the University of Victoria. She currently studies multiple stressors in reef ecosystems and leads the EcoStats working group on campus. 

Twitter: @dgmaucieri

Website: https://dominiquemaucieri.com

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-dominique-maucieri/


Episode 6: Are Seagrasses Our Climate Change Superheroes?

Did you know that seagrasses filter out pollutants in the water, create homes for fish and other small marine animals, and protect our coastlines from the threat of floods? Listen here to about this marine flowering plant. The original blog post was written by Nicole Mucci, and you can read it here.

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/are-seagrasses-our-climate-change-superheroes/


Episode 5: An Interview with Megan Davies

For our fifth podcast episode, we interview Megan Davies, a MSc student at the University of Victoria in the Bates Lab. She studies invertebrate diversity on seamounts to better understand how oceans are being impacted by climate change. 

Twitter: @M_Davies 

Instagram: @muggzy_d

Website: https://meganadavies.com/

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-megan-davies/


Episode 4: Using Sound as Sight

In this episode, learn about how researchers are using new technology to visualize organisms buried in the seafloor. The original blog post was written by Piper Evans, and you can view it here.

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/using-sound-as-sight/


Episode 3: An Interview with Natalia Gurgacz

In our third podcast episode, oceanbites team member Ashley Mickens sits down with Natalia Gurgacz. Natalia is a 2nd year Master’s student at the University of Victoria who is working on understanding carbon leaching as part of the Climate Modelling Group. Follow her on social media: 

Twitter: @natgurgacz

See the full post here: https://oceanbitesorg.podbean.com/e/an-interview-with-natalia-gurgacz/


Episode 2: An Interview with Moronke Harris

For our second podcast episode, we talk to Moronke Harris about grad school and SciComm. Moronke is a current graduate student at the University of Victoria in the Juniper Lab. Visit her website or follow her on social media:
Instagram & Facebook: @imaginativesci
Twitter: @moronkeharris


Episode 1: A Mind Boggling Molt

On a warm, February day in tropical Mauritius, an unusual tourist – an elephant seal – landed on its northern shores for the first time to molt. Our first podcast episodes describes this awe-inspiring and interesting phenomenon. The original blog post was written by Cindy LeBrasse, and you can view it here.

See the full post here: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-a9fu8-11fcf24


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