Oceanbites Editing Guide

Oceanbites Editing Guide

Guidelines to help you edit posts by other writers.

The first job of the editor is to make sure the writer has included everything they need to for the post and there are no typos or grammatical errors. Their second job is to assess overall writing clarity and style, and to make sure that the writer has correctly interpreted the article.

You should receive the piece you are editing at least 3 days before the publishing date. You have two days to edit the piece. Make sure to return it to the author with comments one day before it’s due.

(1) Checklist

Make sure the writer has included:

  • A correct reference to the work being talked about, including doi
  • An interesting picture to accompany the post
  • A section on implications and significance of the work
  • Definitions or references for any jargon used

(2) Is the post compelling?

  • Does the title grab your attention?
  • Is the picture appropriate – is it linked to the parts of the article highlighted? Is there a better figure or picture from the article that could be included instead?
  • Identify any places where the post doesn’t read quickly and smoothly – these spots may need to be simplified. You shouldn’t have to read a sentence several times to understand it, unless you’re very, very tired.

(3) Structure

  • The piece should have some sort of arc – introduction, summary of the work, and conclusion.
  • Make sure the order of paragraphs is logical and flows nicely from one thought to the next.
  • Look for places where there is too much detail. This is common when methods are discussed.
  • Make sure the piece is focused concise, highlighting some interesting aspects of the work. If the piece is too long or unfocused, suggest some parts to cut.

(4) Content

  • Read the abstract and review the content of the article being discussed. Make sure the conclusions drawn from the work are correct.
  • If anything is confusing, consult the original text and communicate with the post author.

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