Posting Instructions

Creating a New Post

Click on Posts in the upper left corner of the screen. Click Add New at the top next to Posts.

Put your title in the “Enter Title Here” field.

Updating and Publishing your Post

As you edit your post, you can Save Draft to save your changes without publishing the piece. You can also click Preview to see what the post will look like once published.

When you’re done editing and you’re happy with content, tags, categories, and photos, click Publish. Now, your post is up on the website. At this point, you’ll want to check on the front page of the site to make sure your featured image looks okay (sizing, cropping, etc.). If you want to make any additional changes after your piece is published, click the Update button to save.

Formatting Your Text

Copy and paste your article into the text field. After this, it’s a lot like any word processor – you can use ctrl+b for bold, etc.
Normal text can be set as “paragraph” style – that takes care of font and size and everything. You can format headings differently by highlighting the heading text and choosing formatting from the dropdown menu, such as

Heading 1,

Heading 2,

Heading 3.



Links should transfer from Word, but you’ll want to check and make sure they’re functional. If they don’t transfer you can easily add them by highlighting the text and clicking the little chain-link button in the editing toolbar. This will bring up a window where you can type in the URL you’d like to point to. Make sure to include your article’s reference information and link to the article!

Adding Photos

Each post should have a featured image, which is uploaded by clicking Set Featured Image in the bottom right corner of your screen. This is the picture that will appear on the main page, and in the thumbnail next to your post. This image will not automatically be added to your actual post, though. You can ignore the Add Photo field at the

To add photos to the actual post, click Add Media in the top left. Here, you can upload a new picture, or pick a photo from the Added Media gallery to put into your post.

After you add a photo to the library, it will take you to a picture edit page where you can add a caption in the field on the right. Once you’ve added the photo to the post, you can mouse over it to see the photo edit button, then click that to change size, add a border, change alignment, etc.

Adding a Tagline/Blurb

This is the text that will appear under the title of your piece as a “teaser” on the front page. If it isn’t added, the first content from the post will appear in this space.

To add a blurb, go to the top right corner of the screen and click Screen Options. Check the box marked Excerpt.  Now, if you scroll down below the box where your post is written, there’s a field for an excerpt – that’s the text that will come up as a short blurb/tagline on the front page under the featured photo.

Adding Categories and Tags

As we get more posts, it will be important to classify/describe your post topics using tabs and categories so that archived posts are effectively organized.

To add relevant categories, use the checklist on the right, or add a new category.

You can add tags directly underneath.

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