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Theme Week Survey: March 2017

Figure 1: Manta rays are gentle giants that filter feed on tiny zooplankton. Image from strangebehaviors.wordpress.com

Figure 1: Manta rays. Image from strangebehaviors.wordpress.com

Hello! We, the Oceanbites Team, want to know what you want us to read more about! Please take the survey below and tell us what you’d like us to cover for one week in March! And please feel free to give us suggestions for future theme weeks in the Comments! Thank you very much!

~The Oceanbites Writers
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Rebecca Flynn
I am a recent M.S. graduate from the University of Rhode Island, where I studied the impacts of anchor damage to coral reefs. I now work in southwest Florida, contributing to the management of coastal waters. I am a conservation biologist to the core, fascinated by the problems of human impacts and determined to help find solutions! I enjoy spending my free time outside and/or reading.


2 Responses to “Theme Week Survey: March 2017”

  1. Please have a Theme re: Taiji + Japanese decimation of Dolphins

    Posted by Vicki Bowen | February 13, 2017, 8:54 pm

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