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Figure 1. Loggerhead sea turtle. Photo Source: http://www.animalspot.net/loggerhead-sea-turtle.html

Technology for Turtles: TurtleWatch Program to Protect Sea Turtles and Assist Fishermen

Rebecca Flynn

A technology that both benefits fishermen and helps prevent sea turtle bycatch? Yes, please! The great news is that it exists! And now, it has been updated to include leatherbacks. Read on to learn more about TurtleWatch.

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 The HOV Alvin prepped for deployment from the R/V Atlantis in December 2014. Alvin can hold a pilot and two scientists for 6-10 hour dives. This vessel has been on over 4,700 dives helping scientists discover the deep sea! : @annestagramah #alvin #science #HOV #oceanography #oceanbitesorg  Took a #scubaselfie today! Fantastic day of blue water diving in #Guaymas basin. #rvoceanus #cruisin #oceanbitesorg

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