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Stressing out about water stress

Kari Pohl

It’s not just climate change that will affect global water stress! Model simulations predict that when both climate change and socioeconomic growth are considered, an additional ~1.8 billion people could be living in a region of moderate water stress by 2050.Article: “The future of global water stress: An integrated assessment,” Schlosser et al. 2014. Earth’s Future. DOI: 10.1002/2014EF000238

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 Being a #marinebiologist isn't always as glamorous as people think. Today I'm spending my day cleaning out three tanks that look just as gross as this so that I can start my lobster molting experiment next month. #muddy #science #elbowgrease #oceanbitesorg  Green energy (side note: you can take microscope photos with your phone!) #oceanbitesorg

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