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The Rebirth of the “Mighty-I”

Happy Halloween! This is the true, spooky tale of life, death, and rebirth beneath the waves. To end off OceanBites’ haunting Halloween theme week, read the story of USS Independence – an aircraft carrier that participated in atomic bomb trials at Bikini Atoll.

How we broke radiocarbon dating

CO2 from fossil fuel burning doesn’t contain C-14. That’s bad news for the future of radiocarbon dating.

Wrecked in New Zealand

There are well document reports recording the exploration of New Zealand and the South Pacific Ocean by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman in 1642 and British Captain James Cook in 1768. During the 125 years between these two voyages, however, there is speculation that there may have been additional explorers who visited the area. In 1982 a ship wreck was noted near Kaipara Harbor on the west coast of Northland in Northern New Zealand. Further investigation of recorded history and analysis of radiocarbon ages have led investigators to believe they may be examining the oldest known New Zealand shipwreck and a piece of evidence that suggests additional exploration of New Zealand by the Dutch after Tasman.

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