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Welcome to oceanbites!

I’m excited to announce the launch of! Inspired by the successful and informative, oceanbites is a blog where current and classic papers related to the fields of oceanography and marine science will be highlighted and explained by graduate students and post doctoral researchers. The goal of oceanbites is to make cutting edge research accessible to all by explaining exciting recent literature in a way that non-experts can understand. Oceanbites will also feature  editorials about what it’s like to be a real life oceanographer.

I hope oceanbites will provide an opportunity for anyone with an interest in oceanography to learn more about the latest advances in more detail than what you’d find at a traditional news source. I hope it will also be an opportunity for us researchers to hone our skills in communicating our own work, and the research of others, in compelling, thought-provoking ways.

We are currently seeking contributors and plan to begin posting in early October. If you are a graduate student or post doc in a field related to marine science or oceanography, contact [email protected] to learn how you can become an author! If you have any suggestions on features oceanbites should incorporate, or would like to contribute to the site in any way, I’d love to hear from you!



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