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VaquitaCPR: Trying to save the world’s most endangered marine mammal

What do you do when a species has only 30 individuals left? VaquitaCPR was a project aimed at bringing some of the few vaquita porpoises left into captivity for protection. The project was cut short after one of the porpoises died, begging the question, was it worth it? Julia ZehI am a first-year PhD student […]

Minke Boings: A 50-year mystery and the science of listening in the ocean

The study of whale and dolphin communication has evolved from recordings of mysterious sounds, like the minke “boing,” which were recorded by sonar and antisubmarine warfare researchers. Now we can use sound to study elusive marine creatures, like the minke whale. Julia ZehI am a first-year PhD student at Syracuse University studying acoustic communication in […]

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